Paleontology and Sedimentary Geology

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    Paleontologija in sedimentarna geologija

  • Šifra

    P1-0008 (B)

  • Trajanje

    od 01. januar 2013 do 31. december 2017
  • Vodja projekta

    Špela Goričan


The goal of the present program is to continue current investigations on biochronology, evolution, paleoecology, and biogeography of selected fossil groups. Because an adequate time and environmental framework is necessary for interpreting taxonomic structure of fossil assemblages, the program will include detailed studies on stratigraphy, sedimentology, mineralogy, and geochemistry. In addition, this integrated approach will allow us to reconstruct sedimentary evolution and paleogeography of the studied sedimentary basins.
In the next five years, our research will be focused on the following topics:
1. Jurassic-Cretaceous sedimentary evolution of the Julian Nappe and correlation with neighbouring basins in Slovenia and Italy; comparison between the evolution of the south Tethyan continental margin in a divergent (Jurassic) and convergent regime (Cretaceous).
2. Catalog and biochronology of Pliensbachian, Toarcian and Aalenian Radiolaria; detection of major global radiolarian faunal turnovers, comparison with extinction/radiation events of other fossil groups and correlation with contemporaneous paleoceanographic changes.
3. Mesozoic sedimentary evolution of the Hawasina Basin in Oman.
4. Systematics, taphonomy and paleobiogeography of Late Cretaceous vertebrate assemblages from Kozina and Stranice; implications for paleogeographic reconstruction of the western Tethys in the Late Cretaceous.
5. Miocene diatoms and silicoflagellates of Slovenia; paleoecologic evolution of Miocene sedimentary basins in Slovenia; paleogeographic reconstruction of the Central Paratethys.
6. Tertiary mammals of Slovenia - systematics, paleobiolgy and paleoecology.
7. Cave bear from Slovenian sites - paleobiology and population dynamics.

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Geology, physical geography P005
Sedimentology P460
Palaeontology P006