Mesozoic Corals of Slovenia. Mezozojske korale Slovenije
ZRC 16

This book is a synthesis of 25 years' research on the Mesozoic corals of Slovenia. The monograph includes 211 species of Scleractinia, belonging to 123 genera and 13 suborders. The corals were collected from 92 localities or groups of localities. Stratigraphically, these reefs are assignable to the Upper Triassic, Upper Jurassic, and Lower and Upper Cretaceous. The first part of the book describes the localities in stratigraphic order. The main lithological characteristics and fossil communities are described for each coral locality, and ecological control of reef growth and demise is discussed for every time interval. The most important part of the monograph is the paleontological presentation of 211 coral species. All the published data are systematically compiled, revised and complemented with new data from Slovenia and elsewhere. The presentation of each species comprises a complete synonymy, a short description and all the important emendations in the systematics. Furthermore, it gives information about the geographical and stratigraphical distribution, which is also shown graphically for Slovenia. Each species is presented in a separate plate of illustrations. Lists of the species, localities and fossil assemblages are added in the appendix. An indispensable publication for paleontologists interested in taxonomy of corals and paleoecology of Mesozoic reefs.

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hardback • 22 × 30 cm • 513 pages • 211 plates, 453 b-w pictures


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