Nina Zupančič, PhD

Senior Research Associate (part-time)

Employed by the University of Ljubljana, Faculty of Natural Sciences and Engineering, Department of Geology. As a part-time researcher involved in the programme Paleontology and Sedimentary Geology, performed by PIIR ZRC SAZU. I teach subjects: Geochemistry, Statistics in geology and Environmental geology, and Geology for forestry students. My research interests are petrology, geochemistry and geoarchaeology.

Zupančič, N., Šebela, S., Miler, M. 2011: Mineralogical and chemical characteristics of black coatings in Postojna cave system. - Acta carsol., 40/2, 307-317.

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Skobe, S., Zupančič, N. 2009: A cathodoluminescence and petrographical study of marbles from the Pohorje area in Slovenia. - Chem. Erde, 69/1, 75-80.

Márton, E., Trajanova, M., Zupančič, N., Jelen, B. 2006: Formation, uplift and tectonic integration of a Periadriatic intrusive complex (Pohorje, Slovenia) as reflected in magnetic parameters and palaeomagnetic directions. - Geophys. j. int., 167/ 3, 1148-1159.

Dobnikar, M., Dolenec, T., Zupančič, N., Činč Juhant, B. 2001: The Karavanke Granitic Belt (Slovenia) - a bimodal Triassic alkaline plutonic complex. Schweiz. - Mineral. Petrogr. Mitt., 81, 23-38.

Zupančič, N., Pirc, S. 1999: Calcium distibution in soil and stream sediments in Istria (Croatia) and the Slovenian littoral.- J. geochem. explor., 65, 205-218.

Zupančič, N. 1999: Lead contamination in the roadside soils of Slovenia. - Environ. geochem. health, 1/21, 37-50. 

Name: Nina Zupancic

Date and place of birth: 4 November 1963, Ljubljana

1970 - 1978: Primary School Ledina, Ljubljana
1978 - 1982: High School Vida Janežič - Poljane
1982 - 1987: University of Ljubljana, FNT, Department of Geology
1987: B.Sc., Edvard Kardelj University of Ljubljana, FNT, Department of Geology
1990: MA, University of Edvard Kardelj of Ljubljana, FNT, Department of Geology
1994: Ph.D., University of Ljubljana, NTF, Department of Geology

Academic titles:
1987 - 1997: Assistant to the field of geology at the University of Ljubljana
1999 - 2009: Assistant professor of geology at the University of Ljubljana
2009 -         : Associate Professor of Geology at the University of Ljubljana

Scientific titles:
2006 -        : Research Fellow

1987 -        : University of Ljubljana, FNSE, Department of Geology
2004 -        : Ivan Rakovec Institute of Paleontology ZRC SAZU (Part-time)

International cooperation:
2001 - 2003: Head of the Slovenian - Hungarian bilateral project "Geology of south-eastern   Slovenia and Hungary"
2004 - 2006: Head of the Slovenian - Greek bilateral project "Physicochemical characteristics and provenance of  marbles from archeological sites"

Proficiency in languages:
English, Spanish, German, Serbian/Croatian