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Research interests

Research interests:

Jurassic stratigraphy, radiolarian palaeontology and biostratigraphy

Selected publications

CIFER, Tim, GORIČAN, Špela, GAWLICK, Hans-Jürgen, AUER, Matthias. Pliensbachian, Early Jurassic radiolarians from Mount Rettenstein in the Northern Calcareous Alps, Austria. Acta Palaeontologica Polonica. 2020, 65, [issue] 1, str. 167-207, zvd., ilustr. ISSN 0567-7920. DOI: 10.4202/app.00618.2019.

Curriculum Vitae

B. Sc. (University of Ljubljana, Faculty of Natural Sciences and Engineering, Department of Geology) - 2014
M. Sc. (Westfällische Wilhelms-Universität Münster, Mathematisch-Naturwissenschaftliche Fakultät) - 2016
Student of the doctoral program Built Environment (University of Ljubljana, Faculty of Civil and Geodetic Engineering) - 2016 -